Monday, 31 October 2016

Boardgame session: 29Oct2016

We visited my sister for the w/e, and I received my belated birthday prezzie – the boardgame ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’. Elaine and I had previously played this at this years’ Games Expo event and really enjoyed it. So, I immediately punched out the counters and set up a game (shuffling the ~150 cards is quite a task!).

The game rules are simple and all players quickly got into the swing of things – a good combination of honesty and lying by all. This is very much a game of bluff, with a nice mix of bribery added. I think all players could improve their bribes, we tended to stick to simple cash offers rather than use goods or promises. Somehow no-one ever seems to believe Elaine, so her bag was nearly always searched! I don’t think lying comes naturally to her, and I feel she could exploit this trait to force the sheriff to pay out for legal shipments. As I originally surmised when I first encountered this game; Erin would be a good player. When the final points were tallied, Erin won with a 20 point lead over myself. Gill was third and Elaine trailed, but not by much. Having a lead in chickens, together with a few high value smuggled goods, seemed to be the key to Erin’s success. All players enjoyed the game and predicted that it would get many more plays.

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