Monday, 20 August 2018

Boardgame session; 19Aug18

In the latest session we started by playing ‘Parfum’, the game Elaine particularly liked and bought at Games Expo this year.

As previously discussed this seems to be a simpler version of another game, ‘Fresco’, using similar mechanisms with a different theme. There is no limit on resources so the decisions revolve around choosing turn order and judging the potential availability of both fragrances and customers. The rules are quick and simple, so game play is fast and enjoyable. Chris won the game and the scores were evenly spread out; I trailed in last place (the Dice Gods have yet to forgive me!).

Next we played a couple of games of ‘Roll for the Galaxy’. This was a bit of a spur of the moment decision for me which meant that I had to explain the rules in an ‘off the cuff’ manner, and on reflection I could have done it better. As a result I think both Elaine and Val were a bit unclear about the game and its objectives to start with. This is a game I really like, whereas Elaine is a bit put off by the SciFi theme, and I was pleased when all players wanted to immediately play a second game after they began to understand the game flow. Chris immediately picked up the game mechanics and won both outings! I think the trick is to ignore the theme (it is not that strong) and appreciate the simple mechanics and the combo’s available as your empire builds. Once you get going the game plays fast, almost to the point that it could (almost) be considered a ‘filler’ game. I would like this game get to the table more often.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Off the Painting Table (Aug 2018)

I have completed painting another batch of 28mm Gladiators from Black Tree Design which I picked up at the Attack show. I did not really need these figures but getting 12 for only £8, it is hard to resist. Unlike the larger 24 figure pack, these are slotta-based which do not fit well on the MDF hex bases I use. Therefore I abandoned the plastic bases and improvised a slotta system using glued matchsticks and Tetrion filler. It worked well and the models were firmly held.

The sculpts are clean and detailed which makes painting easy. The only challenge is the metal work and trying to introduce a range of shades to prevent a too homogenous look. I must resist buying more Gladiators but there are still a few types I’m short of, so may be......?