Thursday, 10 November 2016

Off the Painting Table (Nov 2016)

As discussed previously I am considering buying a matched pair of 20mm USMC/Japanese forces for Bolt Action. Obviously amphibious landings are a significant factor in this theatre. I happened to visit Hobbycraft (looking for storage boxes) and spotted the old Airfix kits. I have not put an Airfix kit together for over 30 years, and all my childhood memories came flooding back! Before I knew it I had purchased a DUWK, Buffalo LVT and a Churchill tank. I spent a happy few days assembling and painting the models whilst wallowing in nostalgia. Blimey, they certainly liked to model suspension systems in great detail – so many small, fiddly bogeys!

Now I need the figures, I did consider using Airfix again, but quickly reject this idea. I think I will base my forces on some Battlepacks from Lancashire Games (nice and cheap) which I plan to buy at Warfare in a couple of weeks, supplemented by extras from Brittania Miniatures. Does anyone know whether these figures are compatible, and have suggestions about other manufacturers?

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