Thursday, 23 July 2015

Off the Painting Table (July 2015) part 2

At the last Devizes group meeting, Ian had a bit of a clearout and brought along spare items he wished to get rid of (for free!). As my painting pile is very low at the moment, and I can’t resist a bargain, I took an assorted bag of 15mm ‘renaissance’ figures. Sorting through them at home I discovered I was able to put together some War of Roses bases for Bloody Barons (RFCM), some ECW pikemen, plus a schiltron of pre-feudal Scots – Great!

I immediately set to panting the WoR figures. My current army lacks the option of mercenary pikes and I decided to paint these in a fairly uniform manner. The additional bases of knights, fighting-men and hand gunners would also come in handy. 10 days later the bases were finished. I must play another game of Bloody Barons soon.


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