Sunday, 19 July 2015

Boardgame session: 18July2015 suggested another game of Merchants and Marauders; she is clearly hooked! This time Elaine got Nicolas Jaures (French) as her character, again clearly a merchant type and therefore sailed a flute. I drew Machiel van Riebleek (Dutch), a very strong marauder who sailed a sloop. My life of piracy focussed on raiding French merchants and I soon gathered 4 French bounties! My raids generated enough gold for me to purchase a frigate and 3 Glory points. Now French merchantmen were scarce, so I turned my attention to the English to gain another Glory point and I successfully completed a Rumour. The Glory cards I had gained included a couple of Pardons, so I spent much of my gold clearly my name. I was on 5 Glory and had 20 gold stashed away.

Meanwhile Elaine clearly demonstrated her understanding of the trading rules. She completed a number of successful ‘In Demand’ trades for plenty of gold. She upgraded to a frigate (which was surprising because I thought a Galleon would be her choice). She skilfully avoided marauding NPC pirates and had success with one rumour. Suddenly she was back in her home port with 6 Glory, plus over 80 gold pieces, which was more than enough to take her to (and beyond) the 10 Glory winning post.

Another good, enjoyable game. Elaine has yet to try piracy but it seems to be working for her! My life of crime was better in this game but I did fail on a couple of merchant raids, which was disappointing. Again there was no ship-to-ship combat, and I think this will only become a factor in larger games with more players. NPC ships really act as blockers; a nuisance rather than a threat.

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