Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Off the Painting Table (Jan 2015)

Whilst at the Warfare show in 2014 I bought a few packets of Peter Pig War of the Roses 15mm figures to expand my armies available for use with the Bloody Barons rules. Since the beginning of January I have focussed on getting these painted and based. The results are shown below:


For this scale if figure I like to undercoat with black primer and then use a single colour paint scheme. I find that multiple tones and shading etc. to be excessive at this scale, and I only dry-brush larger pieces of equipment. This means that I am able to paint a decent number of figures in a relatively short timescale (at least by my standards), i.e. almost 100 15mm figures in just under 3 weeks. The basing is not particularly inspired, but these figures need to conform with my existing armies. The main problem I tend to face when painting figures is when they are destined to fit in with older armies – Can I get them to match? What colours did I use way back then? Do I paint them to a standard which is below my current norm to do this, or do I just paint them to a higher standard and accept that they may stick out like a sore thumb?

Finally, I plan to keep a painting log for the year to help gauge both my efforts and purchases. Also I hope to buy a better camera in the near future because my current one is rubbish when taking close up shots!

War of the Roses
Peter Pig
Pony Wars
Peter Pig
Casualty markers


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