Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Off the Painting Table (Jan 2015) – Part 2

Another purchase from the Warfare show in 2014 was a box of 17th Century Cavalry by Wargames Factory. I already had a few 17th Century Infantry (also by Wargames Factory) un-assembled, and I decided to paint the whole lot as a single batch. I wanted to create a ‘generic’ British force to oppose my Jacobite highlanders using the Donnybrook rules by League of Augsburg.

War of Spanish Succession Cavalry Top of Form

Bottom of Form

The figures are fairly basic, with limited pose variation, but do include many headware options. Most infantry are in a marching pose but officers, sergeants and drummers can all be made. I had previously assembled some figures from the Infantry box as British marines to oppose my pirates. I decided to paint the additional figures to represent generic British line and militia infantry of the same period. The cavalry were also generic because I did not want to paint them as a specified regiment. I did find I was short of a couple of drummer figures that I required but the sprues contain many spare torsos. Therefore I crudely modelled some lower torso/legs (using Milliput and cocktail sticks!) to create complete figures. I think the results turned out OK and I might repeat the process to allow me to utilise all the spare torsos I have. I painted the figures using the Foundry 3-tone method on a light grey primer undercoat. The horses were painted a single colour followed by a liberal wash of Taimya Smoke paint. The results were OK, not brilliant, but they will serve for what I want.



Finally, I have updated my painting log for the year. The next item on the list to be painted are some 28mm ECW cavalry by Warlord Games that have been sitting on the lead pile for far too long! (I have still to buy that new camera I wanted!).

War of the Roses
Peter Pig
Pony Wars
Peter Pig
Casualty markers
C17th British Cavalry
Wargames Factory
C17th British Infantry
Wargames Factory


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