Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Off the Painting Table (Nov 2018)

I have recently bought the Crusades supplement for Saga v2 rules. I plan to trial my Teutonic forces against Prussian Pagans (previously used with Lion Rampant rules), but I require some additional Levy type figures. I have therefore painted up some archers from Gripping Beast.

There is little to say concerning the figures, the sculpts are fine and I did change some of the heads with others from my spares box to create more variety. They painted nicely but the drab colours mean they are not eye-candy on the tabletop.

I have also painted a resin 20mm ruined building that has been sitting in my ‘lead pile’ for some time. I think I got this second-hand, but when and where escapes my memory. I must admit I dislike painting items like this, and much prefer to get pre-coloured mdf versions from 4Ground. Even though I use washes to tone down and give a distressed look, the end result still looks to neat for my taste.

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