Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Off the Painting Table (Dec 2017)

As previously mentioned, I am stuck on deciding about a new project to wargame and paint. One army I had always considered was a French 1914 force to complete my Square Bashing armies for the period. I already have German, BEF and Russian, so French is the next logical choice. So, I produced an army list and worked out the necessary figures from Peter Pig; total cost £130. I am a bit of a PP fan, I really like the figures and my other armies are formed using these figures. By chance I noticed that Lancashire Games also produced 15mm 1914 French in battle packs and smaller offerings; therefore I costed the army using these alternative figures; total cost £70! Normally I would have still used Peter Pig but the French army did not especially excite me (too much like FPW, which I already have), so I decided to go with Lancashire Games instead.

I have completed the first 3 units. I’m don’t plan to post further reports until the whole army is completed because it will require 6/7 batches to finish, all of which will look very similar. The Lancashire Games figures are larger than PP, so are rather squashed on the bases. The detail on the figures is fine, not as good as PP but not too bad, and there is a range of poses. The figures do require some preparation due to flash, but this is not too onerous. They paint up well, and I am happy with the results.

I now have my project for the next month or two. I plan on getting some ‘vignette’ figures to add colour to other periods/forces and hopefully this will break the monotony of the rather boring 1914 uniforms.

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