Thursday, 2 November 2017

Off the Painting Table (Nov 2017)

I occasionally play a game or two of Battlelore 2nd Edition. Back in early 2016 I painted the plastic figures for both core armies; they look very good. I had also bought the undead (Waiqar) expansion packs but did not paint the figures immediately; I was suffering from overload after painting the core armies! Anyway, when I decided to give the game another outing recently, it became apparent that you cannot play a painted army against a purple plastic army; it just doesn’t look right! So I had to get these figures painted.

Normally I start with the ‘grunts’ of the army but this time I got the more exotic units out of the way first. The Banshee and Wraiths were simple paint jobs using some green ink wash over a light grey base; I cannot recall why I had this wash in my paint tray but this seemed a good use for it! I think the effect is very nice. The Bone Horrors were also simple, just a grey/brown ink wash over an ivory base, which really picks out the detail. The Barghests (Dire Wolves) and Necromancers were also really easy paint jobs. So, I managed to complete half the total army in less than 10 days!

I am now left with the skeleton core units, plus a rotting dragon, before the undead army is finished. I hope get these figures out of the way by mid-November, when the Warfare show in Reading is scheduled. Then I can buy some more interesting historic figures to build up my lead mountain for the long winter months ahead!

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