Wednesday, 4 January 2017

On the Painting Table (January 2017)

Happy New Year! Well, the festive period is over and it proved to be quite productive from a painting point of view. Since I stopped working my internal clock seems to have gone haywire; although I can now lie in, I find I wake up very early (maddening!). The one positive to this is I can fit a good hour or so of painting before the rest of the house rises. I therefore completed my WW2 20mm Japanese in record time.

I decided I did not want a too uniform appearance. I reckon the tropical climate is not kind to uniform fabrics, resulting in a range of faded tones plus some newly issued replacement items. Therefore the colours ranged from a new olive drab down to old, faded sandy yellows.

With the Japanese, flags are a must, even though I’m sure they would not have been that prevalent. I gave each platoon it own flag, plus the NCO’s were distinguished by a small flag on the rifle stock. My ‘suicide’ tank busting sections look the part with their mines and explosive charges, and they should give the USMC armour something to think about. I feel I still need a few more elements to complete the force: a mortar or two, some forward observers, a few AAA-MG’s maybe?

In addition to the above figures, I also completed an Airfix Type-97 Chi-Ha kit, plus another couple of amphibious assault craft for my USMC, which I plan to paint next.

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