Tuesday, 17 January 2017

On the Painting Table (Jan 2017), part 2

Following the completion of my Japanese, the next task was the USMC opponents. I was keen that these would not look too similar to my NW Europe US forces, but would have a distinct Marine, Pacific feel about them.

Firstly, I again tried to use a range of faded tones from the standard olive green colour. I did not want the wide range I used for the Japanese (which gave them an ‘irregular’ type of appearance), so instead went for a more subtle approach. This looked good once the base colours were applied, but when the additional equipment etc. was added the effect was diminished, and the final figures appeared to have a fairly uniform colouring. The second distinctive feature was the use of camo on helmet covers and groundsheets. I hate painting camo! I rarely get it right, the end results tend to have a generic feel rather than the look seen in photos and illustrations. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I again achieved that generic look – disappointing! Finally, I should discuss the figure sculpts themselves. Most of the figures were from Lancashire Games, with some Brittania Miniatures added. The Lancashire Games sculpts are less dynamic and detailed compared to those for their Japanese range. It is disappointing that there are no bare-chested figures, or any with cut-down/modified tatty uniforms. The Brittania figures mix OK scale-wise, but are over equipped with full packs and groundsheet rolls, and look as if they have come from a training ground rather than having endured a long, arduous Pacific campaign.

All in all, my new USMC force is ‘OK’; usable but not one of my best projects that I want to show-off about. With luck the matched forces will generate some good games and become more loved in time.

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