Monday, 26 September 2016

Off the Painting Table (Sept 2016)

I am currently between projects and therefore at a bit of a loss about what to paint next. Searching my ‘horde’ of unpainted/assembled figures there was a couple of sprues of ECW figures. This was a quick and simple choice which would add to my collection of figures for skirmish games. I think the figures are from Warlord, and I choose red coats to fit with my existing under-strength units.

I also painted a couple of figures a grey-coated Scots, and I found a sprue of riderless horses which are always useful on the battlefield. I find it strange that in skirmish games, casualties to cavalry involve removal of both horse and rider; units just disappear. Where possible I like to place the odd riderless horse and casualty figure to at least remind players that some action has occurred.

The addition of these figures has encouraged me to get some of my ECW skirmish rules from the shelf. Maybe it is time to have another go at Donnybrook?

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