Sunday, 25 September 2016

Boardgame session: 24 Sept 2016

This will be a very brief report because we primarily visited Val and Chris to meet their new kittens (Sansa and Arya) for the first time, rather than play boardgames. Unfortunately Snowydog had to spend the day in the kennels (it’s not a good move for your dog to eat the hosts new pets). The 12 week old kittens were great fun and had beautiful markings!

We did manage to play a game of Dominion using the Seaside expansion, which neither Elaine or I  had played before. One of the great things about Dominion is the endless replay ability and that each expansion introduces new cards and effects. The flip-side of this is fact that you never seem to encounter all the different cards you own. I possess the base game plus the Prosperity expansion and we still find cards that are new to us coming out! From a single first play I get the feeling that Seaside does offer significant interest; the Pirate Ship card is a nice aggressive idea, stripping treasure from players hands; I made great use of the Island card to de-clutter my hand of Land/Victory cards; the Smuggler card was excellent allowing you to acquire cards for free; and the Embargo card was used by all to reduce the acquisition of those nasty Pirate Ship cards. I always find it hard to keep track of the orange period effect cards but otherwise the game flowed well, and I eventually won which is always nice.
We followed by playing a quick game of Parade (which I have discussed previously). I just love the artwork on this simple card game, and the game play requires considerable thought. Chris won the game, but I was a close second. I would love to own a copy of this out-of-print game, because I think it makes an excellent filler with simple rules that can be easily explained to a newbie.

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