Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Off the Painting Table (June 2016)

I have completed the next batch of 10mm late C19th troops, this time some 1859/66 Austrians, a few of which are shown in the photo below. In total I have completed 18 bases of infantry, 6 bases of jagers, and 3 bases of artillery. I have yet to paint the cavalry but I am awaiting a supplementary order from Pendraken to arrive which will complete my forces. I hope to sell my 6mm armies at the Attack show in Devizes in July.

I have also painted some 28mm Napoleonics to complete my units for Sharp Practice. Rather than buy specific figures I decided to modify some spare Victorix plastics to mix and match using parts from other kits. The main significant issue is the long-tailed coat, but I hope purists won’t notice, and once I painted them they did not stand out from the crowd. As an aside, I have played a couple more solo games of Sharp Practice (using my own correct QRS) and I’m liking the rules more each time. I have not written the games as AAR, instead I plan an update on my earlier review when my thoughts are collected.

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