Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Off the Painting Table (June 2016), part 2

One clear advantage of watching the Euro2016 football competition is that it provides plenty of time in which to finish those tedious but necessary tasks, such as the base texturing of painted figures. I have therefore completed the work on my late 19th century armies of Austria, Prussia and France, as shown below:
French Army

Prussian Army

Austrian Army

I am pleased with the results and can now get on and play more Bloody Big Battles on the tabletop. I have also devised a method of ‘randomly’ generating forces for standalone games (I will discuss these in future AAR blog posts). My ‘lead pile’ for painting has again been cleared; inspiration for new projects awaits! I do require a few more Pendraken figures; each army could do with a bit more cavalry, and the Austrians require some rocket troops, plus some flags! I am looking forward to the ‘Attack’ show in Devizes and plan to spend some money there. I also hope to sell on the Bring and Buy stall my 6mm 19th century armies, together with a pair of DBA 15mm samurai armies by Two Dragons that have sat on the selves unused.


  1. Looking good, Mark! Each nationality looks to provide a gameable force. These are 10mm, right?

  2. Thank you Jonathan. Yes they are 10mm Pendraken figures. I really like this scale of miniature at the moment. You can get a reasonable amount of detail, they paint surprisingly quickly, they are not too fiddly or light weight on the tabletop, and look the business for large scale battles. Plus the cost is relatively small e.g. the above armies cost only roughly £50 each.

  3. Beautiful armies, Mark! Looking forward to seeing them in action!