Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Off the Painting Table (May 2016)

I have completed my FPW 10mm Prussians in record time! I’m only showing a few in the photo below, but in total I have completed 20 bases of infantry, 6 bases of jagers, 5 bases of dragoons and 6 bases of artillery. I plan on painting my 1859/66 Austrians next but I need to by a few more packs first. The army pack I bought did not have any command figures and I want a few rockets as well. I cannot face base texturing at the moment, so this will wait until I have finished painting all the figures for this period.

As a sideline I painted up the free Salute 2016 steampunk figure. I copied the figure shown in the show guide, and I think it looks excellent. I have no idea what I could possibly use this figure for!.

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