Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Boardgame session; 12May2016

Just a brief report. Elaine and I spent a week walking in the Lake District; lovely sunny weather and it was hot (!). No thermals or wet-weather gear required, which is a first in almost 30 years of visiting the area. In the early evening we settled down in the hotel garden and played a couple of ‘travel’ games we had taken with us. We like to pack some light games when travelling because there is always an awkward gap in the day between returning from a hike, or other activity, and sitting down to dinner. Sitting around a pool is another awkward time, especially when you have finished your book and are at a bit of a loss. We started with ‘Hive’ with the ladybird expansion. This is a game we both love; it requires considerable strategic thought but is reasonably fast to play. I’m pleased to report that I won 3 games in a row. We then moved on to ‘Cribbage’ complete with a small, folding scoring board. I won 4 games in a row, but the last game was lucky because Elaine was only 1 peg away from victory when I came back and won with a high scoring crib. Elaine was sure I must have been cheating because she hammered me the last time we played. Even though the results were one-sided, the games were enjoyable and nicely filled in time. Our next gaming experience will be at the UK Games Expo in a couple of weeks.

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