Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Off the Painting Table (Nov 2015)

I have been busy painting some more Goblins for Kings of War, this time Goblins riding giant spiders. The old GW codex shows the spiders to be a mix of red, black and purple but I eventually decided to go with an orange and purple combination. I did hover over using a waspish, yellow and black paint scheme but, as a previously mentioned, fantasy offers the chance to use those paint colours that sit neglected in my collection of painting paraphernalia.


Again the figures have a lot of character, but I must admit that the painting of the actual spiders was tedious; they have so many surfaces and crevices which take ages to cover and not to miss out. Also highlighting was difficult because many surfaces are flat. I do like the Halloween, pumpkin look created on some of the spiders.

002.JPGIn addition to the Goblin riders, I painted the single Troll that I have in my collection. I used a blue/grey skin colour to differentiate it from the other green skin units in the army. Do I need more Trolls, or is a single figure enough?

I have now had enough of painting Goblins (also Orcs), so the remaining green-skins in my box of random fantasy figures will have to wait awhile. I may switch to painting some Dwarves, or instead return to historical figures and units. In 2 weeks is the Warfare show in Reading, so I will wait until then before deciding what to do next. I think I will buy/need some Napoleonic Spanish to use with Sharp Practice, and I am considering using the Victorix early French infantry in bicornes as the base figures. A few Spanish guerrillas would also be nice.

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