Sunday, 20 September 2015

Review of a boardgaming year

A collated list of games played is tabulated below:

No Games played
Sewer Pirats
Ticket to Ride
Escape, Curse of the Temple
Dungeon Petz
King of New York
Camel Up
Mechants and Mauraders
Forbidden Island
Hey, That’s my Fish!
King of Tokyo
Awful Green Things from Outer Space
Five Tribes
Power Grid
Castles of Mad King Ludwig


Strangely, Sewer Pirats was the most played game of the year! A good, light, fast game to start a games session, but I don’t see its dominance continuing next year. The next most played games represent the most obvious go-to games in my collection (Dominion, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne) and these will always feature strongly in any list I produce. The best ‘new to me’ game for the year must be Dungeon Petz, a game packed full of theme and great fun to play. Other honourable credits need to be given to King of Tokyo/NY, and Power Grid for providing better than anticipated experiences. I was very glad to finally get to play Merchants and Mauraders, but the length of this game will always restrict its play. The biggest disappointment was Awful Green Things from Outer Space which I bought for my niece and which she did not particularly like. In fact, I recently swopped it from her in return for Forbidden Island (which she enjoys), and bought myself Forbidden Desert as a replacement co-op game.

The games I would like to get on the table next year include Glory to Rome, Bohanza, Small World, 7 Wonders and the classic Settlers of Catan. I can also foresee some games of RoboRally because I bought a copy for Erin’s birthday present.

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