Friday, 25 September 2015

Off the Painting Table (Sept 2015)

September saw the welcome return of Colours in Newbury after failing to take place last year. This is my local show and I went to purchase a few odds and ends. One of my aims this year is to play some more Sharp Practice games and to include cavalry. Therefore I bought boxes of Perry French Napoleonic Dragoons and British Hussars.


Returning home I quickly assembled and primed both sets of figures, before painting the horses for both units (a job I always dislike). I then had to decide which unit to paint first, and I chose the French Dragoons.


Recently I seem to have painted mainly irregular forces, so it was a pleasure to paint up a nicely uniformed, regular unit. I chose to use red facings and did not specify a particular unit designation because I cannot paint numerals (or lettering) to a satisfactory standard. My handwriting is also poor, so maybe the two are linked?


Anyway, I am happy with the results; 14 mounted Dragoons and 8 dismounted. These should see plenty of action like their historic counterparts, who were the work-horses of the Peninsular War. Next up will be the British Hussars, wearing shakos rather than the more familiar busby.

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