Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Off the Painting Table (March 2017)

My latest project, ACW Riverine, has taken very little time to complete painting. The wintry weather helped greatly by confining me to home for a number of days. The miniature ships proved quick and easy to paint, the detail was clear and the only difficulty was the planked decking (I’ve had enough of painting long, thin lines!). I have not ‘pimped’ the models by adding masts, deck crew or flags etc., but I might do this sometime in the future.

The Union flotilla (above) has 3 large ironclads, and I can foresee that the USS Benson (second from the right) will prove to be lethal in future actions. The black and white USS Blackhawk (far right) looks impressively large, but is lightly armed. The others are fairly weak wooden vessels.

The Rebel flotilla (above) also has 3 smaller ironclads, but the sub-like CSS Manasas only has a single forward facing gun. The large paddle-steamer, CSS Selma (far left) , is again undergunned.

Finally, I painted the various markers and buildings etc. I really like the Sub and TBoat models. The damage (circle) markers are to be placed on the fleet sheets, so I painted them in bright colours so they can be easily seen. The fire markers look better than I expected because my previous attempts at painting fire have never given the right impression. In addition, I have prepared the necessary island and sandbar features for the game.

So, I now have all I need for my first Hammerin’ Iron game! I’m already beginning to think about future purchases; I need a turreted monitor ironclad for the Union, I must get a Medium Fort, some army artillery would be nice, maybe the CSS Albemarle......

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