Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The boardgaming year 2016-17

Review of  boardgaming year 3 on this blog (2016-17):

A collated list of games we have played is tabulated below. The list is primarily aimed at providing me with a detailed record of my boardgaming activity, so that I can spot and understand trends and favourites. It also sparks my enthusiasm for games I overlooked and want to play more of.

No Games played
Patchwork x10
Carcassonne x8
Carcassonne – Hunters & Gatherers
Ticket to Ride, Europe
Parade x6
Hey, that’s my Fish!
Sushi Go! x5
Glory to Rome
Costa Rica
Burgle Bros
King of New York/Tokyo
Sheriff of Nottingham
Galaxy Trucker
Barking up the Wrong Tree
Mr Jack
Colt Express
Death Angel (solo) x2
Welcome to the Dungeon x2
San Juan
Key to the City – London
Quatro x3
Lords of Vegas
Roll for the Galaxy
Five Tribes
Imperial Settlers
Munchkin (Cthulhu)

Some games tend to be played numerous times within a single session, these I have shown as sessions with the number of actual games played as a superscript number.

The top game was Dominion, an ever popular classic, closely followed by Patchwork, a game that Elaine enjoys beating me at. Carcassonne remains near the top, and if combined with the Hunters and Gatherers variant, would be the top game of the year in terms of play. I really enjoyed getting Glory to Rome back on the table. Two games at the bottom of the list, Imperial Settlers and Munchkin, were games that we abandoned and failed to complete.

The games that have really stood out this year for me include Sushi-Go, Quadropolis and Roll for the Galaxy; I want to play these more often. Key to the City was also good, but took longer than expected, there is hidden depth to the game that needs further exploration. My birthday prezzie game, Burgle Bros, was also a nice surprise (a tough co-op is always welcome). I am pleased to have acquired Parade, and would love to get a copy of Chinatown. I am surprised we have not played any Dungeon Petz, one of my all-time favourites.

All-in-all a busy boardgaming year. A lot of variety, and a nice mix of old and new games played. One of the best features of the gamers I play with is that no-one dominates too much; we all win/lose on a fairly even basis. I believe this to be an essential factor in a happy gaming group. I would like to introduce some new blood to the group and maybe this will happen in the coming year.

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