Monday, 24 July 2017

Off the Painting Table (July 2017)

I have finally completed my 15mm France 1940 German forces.

The tanks and vehicles are fairly standard fair; just Panzer grey with no fancy camo or markings. The main point of interest are the Pz38(t) which are 3D-printed models. They painted up very well and mix nicely with the other metal Peter Pig models. I also have 3D-printed trucks and a kubelwagon, which are satisfactory but less detailed. For my French army I still need some S-35 tanks, and I now intend buying the 3D-printed versions to fill this hole in the army.

The German infantry are again fairly standard, but I did paint the German flag and arm insignia on the helmets which makes a nice (but small) change from mid or late war Germans. In addition, I have painted a few bases of civilian refugees (not shown) to add some period flavour.

My forces are now complete and nicely add up to 2,000 points a side using the Blitzkrieg Commander version 2 rules. Notice I have reverted back to version 2. Further reading of the new version 3 rules continues to throw up problems e.g. the lists as written show a Pz38(t) gun is the same as that found in a Tiger-I tank! Both have an AT rating of 5/100! Looking online it is clear that others have found similar issues, so until the problems are fully addressed by the publisher, my copy of version 3 will be consigned to the attic! I suspect the problem lies in the fact that Pendraken wanted to release at the Salute show and therefore rushed the final stages of proof-reading and publication to meet this deadline. Major mistakes were not picked up and a sub-standard set of rules was released. I think the number of errors cannot be solved by a simple pdf correction file, and the version 3 rules should be withdrawn from sale. A revised set of rules should be published at a future date, with a sizable discount for those customers who have already bought the existing version 3 publication. Rant over! I think the BKC debacle provides a valuable lesion to all rule writers/publishers i.e. get it right and don’t rush the printing.

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