Thursday, 15 June 2017

Off the painting table (June 2017)

As mentioned in an earlier post, I planned to upgrade my France 1940 forces from 6mm to 15mm. I purchased the necessary figures from Peter Pig and based them on FoW bases. The decals , plus a couple of FT-17 tanks, were bought from Battlefront.

Rather than present each batch of painting I decided to wait until each army was completed. I opted to start on the French. The infantry are fairly drab, only the officer kepi hats stand out. The tanks are great, really different to those I have previously encountered. The FT-17 and R-35 tanks are small and quirky, whilst the Char B1’s are giants. I like the camo pattern and the playing card decals are unusual.

Next will be the Germans. I want the infantry to have the shield design on the helmets, the recce section on motorbikes and some of the more obscure tanks.

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