Monday, 27 March 2017

On the Painting Table (March 2017)

March has been one of the quietest months in terms of gaming, both miniatures and board gaming. Just a single game of Key to the City! The primary reason was a short holiday in Spain, but also Spring is happening, so various garden and house tasks need to be done.

I have managed to do the odd spot of painting in the evenings. I have completed 30 bases of 19th Century figures for my Bloody Big Battles armies: Prussians, French and Austrians. All were 10mm Pendraken figures, which are nicely detailed for this scale and paint well. I use a single colour tone on black primed figures; I think this gives a nice appearance and is quick to complete. My armies have about 45 infantry bases in each, still short of the numbers required for the listed scenarios, but beginning to be suitable for some non-historic confrontations.
L to R: Prussians, French; Austrians

Hopefully April will be more productive gaming-wise, certainly I’m looking forward to attending Salute – My first show of the year!

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  1. Nice work! 19th Century gaming is a favorite of mine too.