Saturday, 6 August 2016

Off the Painting Table (Aug 2016)

I have spent the last couple of weeks painting the AWI/FIW Colonial Militia figures by Warlord Games that I bought at the Attack show.

Assembly of the figures was straight forward although the range of pose and equipment etc. is not as great as found in other plastic kits produced by other manufacturers. Also the depth of the sculpting is also less detailed, but I think I’m being a bit picky when I consider what was available only a few years ago when you were lucky to find a range of metal figures with  more than half a dozen variants available. These are perfectly acceptable figures and my only advice would be to use highlighting judicially when painting them up.

The first 15 figures wear hunting shirts. I like to paint these in ‘muted’ colours, but I did try a couple of figures in a purple colour.

After the first 2 colour shades, the fringing on the hunting shirts did not stand out, so I decided to only use highlighting on the fringes and not on all raised areas. I did experiment using a more standard highlighting technique, but found the detail just disappeared.

The next batch of 15 figures wear standard clothing. I also used ‘minNatur’ foliage clumps when basing. I have often seen basing using such commercial foliage, but have never tried it myself. For me the jury is still out; it looks OK but is it too fussy? I’m not sure.
 I now think I have more than enough figures for AWI/FIW skirmish gaming.

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  1. The close up photo of the pair reveals your rendering of facial features. Quite nice! Good work on the hunting shirts too. Fringe stands out just right now.