Monday, 25 July 2016

Off the Painting Table (July 2016)

At the Attack show in Devizes I bought a sprue of Napoleonic Portuguese infantry and I intended to paint these up as Cacadores for use with my Sharp Practice forces. I would have preferred a skirmish-type pose but all the figures on the sprue were in a march attack pose. I augmented these figures with a couple more made from spare Victorix French figures, one of which would be painted as a Portuguese officer. They painted up well, I like the brown uniform colour, and will work on the table (even if they are rather too regimented). I feel I now have most of the figures I need for this rule set; I don’t want any artillery but do require some Spanish guerrillas, and maybe some civilian figures for interest.

As well as painting the Portuguese, I have been assembling my 4Ground Wild West buildings. I’m not showing any pictures because they look exactly like those on the company website, but I must say they are a joy to put together. I get a nice feeling of satisfaction when each building is completed; they look great and the details (opening doors etc.) work well. I now have 4 buildings and plan to buy a few more, but in the meantime I find mixing in my FIW buildings does not look to strange. So, I can now field a reasonable small western town and plan to play a few Wild West games.

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