Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Off the Painting Table (Jan 2016)

Christmas is over and it is time to get the paints out again. What to paint? I feel I’m in a bit of a hiatus wargame-wise. I have good sized opposed army pairings covering most historic periods and I don’t feel the need to expand my collection, but I do need a project to focus on. Whilst I ponder this dilemma, I might as well continue to paint fantasy figures for Kings of War (KoW). Such figures tend to be well sculpted and require no research to paint up; they can be colourful, have a strong character and are undemanding to work on. I had half a box of plastic mounted medieval sergeant-at-arms left over from my Teutonic project. I also had a need for a mounted, mobile element in my KoW ‘Good Guys’ army, so I felt this would be a good place to start my painting year. I pondered whether to paint the figures in historic heraldry or to go for a more uniform look that seems more common in fantasy settings. I decided on the latter option and I think they have come out OK. I have now almost completed all my stock of fantasy figures with just a few more Goblins remaining. So, I plan to complete these next and hope a new historic project grabs me soon!


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